[info] Successfully Upgraded to Latest Cardano-Node 1.35.5


Successfully Upgraded to Latest Cardano-Node 1.35.5


At Camp Fire Stake Pool, we always ensure to keep our node updated to the latest version for stable operation.

We invite those who are considering staking ADA to delegate to us. Be sure to also check out our communication about staking for more information.

Cardano Staking Q&A

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is a decentralized, third generation proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform, and ADA is a token on the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is the first blockchain platform to take a scientific philosophy and research-driven approach. Cardano has been peer-reviewed and built by the world’s most prestigious academic societies.

To learn more about the world Cardano aims to create, we recommend watching this video by founder Charles Hoskinson. It is also available with Japanese subtitles.

What is Cardano (ADA) Staking?

Delegating your ADA to a stake pool operating a network node is called staking. The stake pool verifies Cardano transactions on your behalf and generates blocks for you, and you are rewarded for this.

Cardano staking delegates only the “rights” to the stake pool, leaving the ADA in your possession. Therefore, the ADA is never locked and you can use the ADA at any time.

Rather, there is a risk of not being able to withdraw ADA if you deposit your ADA on an exchange for staking, and the concentration of ADA in one place leads to a loss of Cardano’s decentralized nature.

If you are asked to “send an ADA” or “give a seed phrase,” please be aware that this is a scam.

From where can I do staking?

You can delegate from the following Cardano Wallet

When will I receive my reward after I delegate? Do I always get paid every epoch?

Rewards are paid three epochs (15 days) after the end of the first staked epoch. The following example shows the sequence of events that occur during a stake.

Rewards are not always paid every epoch, but are awarded to the pool that generates the most blocks based on the algorithm’s calculation of the pool’s delegation volume. Pools with a large amount of delegation receive a stable reward per epoch, while pools with a small amount of delegation tend to receive a larger reward per epoch instead of generating a block per epoch, and the rate of reward converges to the same over a period of time.

ADA delegation to pools with low delegation is a good way to increase the value of ADA in the long run.


Staking the ADA


Epoch snapshot (record ADA delegated here)


Block generation (if any block generation)


Calculation of rewards for block generation


Payment of compensation

What does the pool fee look like?

 There are two types of fees: “Margin fee” (delegation fee) and “Fixed fee.” From now on, the pool receives the fee as a pool fee from the entire pool, and the remaining ADA is distributed to the delegate.

Margin fee

This is a fee set by each pool between 0-100%; 1-5% is common. The Pool has set the rate of return at 0% until 1 million ADA mandates are collected for diversification.

Note that the commission is not as high as, say, 99%, and that we haven’t silently raised the commission in the middle of the pool! Our pool has a 0% guarantee for amounts less than 1,000,000 ADA and 1% thereafter.

Fixed fee

The minimum fixed fee is 340 ADA. The pool has no plans to change the minimum value of 340 ADA. Please be sure to check the fixed fee when delegating to other pools.

Is there a cost for staking?

Staking costs 2 ADA as a deposit fee plus the cost of the transaction. The deposit fee of 2 ADA will be refunded when the staking is cancelled.

If there is an increase or decrease in ADA after staking, do I need to set it up again?

No additional operations are required as they are automatically reflected. Cardano staking can be sent and received freely after staking.

Of course, rewards earned from staking can also be reinvested if left in the wallet as is.

Are pools with fewer delegations at a disadvantage?

Whether the amount of delegation is high or low, the average rate is about 4% in the long run on the algorithm (as of 2023).

Pools with high delegation will receive a stable reward every epoch (5 days), while pools with low delegation will have fluctuations such as not every epoch, but the algorithm is designed to converge to the same rate on average, with a higher reward per epoch.

The security of the Cardano blockchain is enhanced by the wide dispersion of the ADA, so please help us distribute delegations to pools with fewer delegations in the long run.

*The current 4% annual reward is also gradually decreasing in Cardano, just as Bitcoin has a half-life!

What is the minimum ADA staking requirement?

Staking is available from 10ADA.

What is pool saturation?

The saturation of one pool is 64 million ADA (as of January 2023). The mechanism is such that if you continue to delegate to more than this number of pools, the reward you get from one pool remains the same, and the reward you get from staking per person decreases as the number of delegators only increases.

This is a mechanism that naturally ensures decentralization as holders naturally delegate to various pools in search of profit.

Can the staking be removed?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription at any time. You can de-delegate at any time. If you delegate from a different pool, you do not need to deactivate, just redelegate anew. If you de-delegate, you will receive back the 2ADA that you initially paid in deposit, but you will be charged a small transaction fee.

How can I check my remuneration?

There are two ways to do this

  • Check the Wallet for Cardano page
  • Enter the receiving address at the Cardano Explorer site to confirm.

Please Consider Delegating to CAMP FIRE Stake Pool

How was it? The Camp Fire Stake Pool will continue to provide useful information about Cardano. The stake pool is funded by our fees, so we hope you will delegate your support to help us continue our activities.

If you need any help at all, please contact us directly through either the Camp Fire pool contact or Twitter. We can advise you on everything from ADA purchases to staking, so feel free to contact us first!

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